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Roles of a Teacher

“Gurur Brahma Gurur Vishnu

Gurur Devo Maheshwara

Guru Sakshat Parabrahma

Tasmai Shri Gurave Namah”


The above mantra demonstrates the significance of a teacher’s role in educating students. A teacher’s job entails a variety of responsibilities, some of which are more difficult than others. They do more than just teach students, they also have a positive influence on them. A teacher’s role is not limited to the classroom, their various roles can be seen even outside of the classroom. 

When a child is admitted to school, the teacher’s role in shaping the child’s life begins. Teachers play an important role in our lives in order for us to succeed in our careers, jobs, businesses, and, in general, to become successful human beings. A good teacher or a tutor assists us in becoming good members of society and citizens of our country.

Here are several roles of a teacher:

  • Teacher as Role Model – The most important role of a teacher is to be a role model. Children look up to their teachers as examples of what they should strive to become. A good teacher sets the right example for their students in both words and actions.
  • Teacher as Educator – A good teacher is also an educator. They are responsible for teaching children the skills they need to succeed in life. Good teachers make sure they are covering all of the necessary subject areas and understand how to teach concepts so everyone is learning equally.
  • Teacher as Nurturer – A teacher nurtures their students by taking care of them both physically and emotionally while coaching them. They should help nurture self-esteem, build relationships with peers, and take responsibility for their own actions.
  • Teacher as Facilitator – A teacher is also a facilitator. They help students learn by providing an environment that is conducive to learning may it be online learning or offline and allows for exploration. Teachers should also be encouraging and provide feedback that helps students grow academically, emotionally, and socially.
  • Teacher as Advisor – A teacher is often an advisor or mentor to their students. They help guide them and provide advice on how they can achieve certain goals, such as getting into college or applying for a scholarship.
  • Teacher as Mentor – Teachers not only serve the role of mentor for students in their school district and sometimes even across state lines. Teachers also serve the role of mentor for other teachers in their schools or tutors beginning their online coaching in India. This is because there are many new teachers who are just entering the classroom. They can benefit from the experience of other veteran educators and vice versa.
  • Teacher as Leader – Last but not least, a teacher is also a leader. They lead their students by example and help them develop the skills they need to be future leaders. Teachers should strive to inspire their students and make a positive impact on the world.

In a Nutshell

There are many important roles that teachers play in the lives of their students. These seven are just a few of the most important. Teachers play a vital role in the development of our children and our world, shaping them into the leaders of tomorrow. Thank you, teachers, for all that you do!

Do you have any other thoughts on the roles of a teacher? Please share them in the comments section below. We would love to hear your ideas!

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