Come exam season – help your students cover major portions with clarity and ease!

Come exam season – help your students cover major portions with clarity and ease!

The challenges facing teachers are not limited to making sure a concept is grasped. Depending on the faculty and subject matter, teaching involves passing on the precept that goes far beyond facing an examination for the student. It would be useful in later life, in making a living, and growing as a personality.

Closer to the day-to-day matters, challenges include administrative ones, paperwork, and follow-ups through learning management systems. Helping students see light in a new concept is one of the many challenges.

What they already have…

Teachers are already whizzes at staying organized and finishing things on their to-do lists. But the innate nature of handling a classroom full of learners is that each one learns at a different rate, needs help in a different area. Add to this challenge of grades and gradations of learning combined with the fact that there’s no classroom to rely on.

… and what’s missing

Teacher’s were taught alike, and are now reliant on a virtual interface where visual and non-verbal cues are missing. The holistic atmosphere of the classroom which shows the teacher how well a concept has been grasped is taken out of the equation. Teachers have to go by their own gut sense.

To make the journey of discovery better for students, teachers need to be less overwhelmed and more in control. They need a handle on their main job, one that reduces stress and aids in focusing on their students. This is where Dynamind helps.

A solution

Dynamind makes up handy, bite-size teaching modules, reports, and teaching aids. This means more minutes spent questioning and discussing examples with each child, aided by notes, readymade lists, and learning material. Dynamind steps in to clarify concepts and provides graded examples to be shown by teachers as they proceed through their lessons. Need a ready reference guide for students that explains key concepts or how a concept works in real life? Dynamind offers plenty of notes that students can go through on their own or with their teacher looking in on the side.

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