How Dynamind's platform addresses teachers' pain points

How Dynamind’s platform addresses teachers’ pain points

“Teachers have three loves: love of learning, love of learners, and the love of bringing the first two loves together” – Scott Hayden*

A throwback into the 24th of March 2020. There was a total shutdown across the country to break the chain of infection caused by the CovId-19 pandemic and the lives of teachers across India abruptly changed overnight. They were left ruthlessly distanced from their love, their very own students. Fast forward nearly two years now, a third wave has hit us hard and teachers are still grappling with uncertainty on the future of education

The impact of the pandemic on teachers has been a nightmare, to say the least, because,

  • Teachers were deprived of the very stimulant for teaching which is face-to-face interaction, dialogue, and inquisitive faces.
  • Teachers found it extremely difficult to comprehend the understanding or otherwise of their teaching especially by some of the students hesitant to ask questions online.
  • As if the stress of having to befriend technology and cope with screen fatigue was not already overwhelming, teaching online meant that they had to redo all of the curricula to suit a new format.
  • The uncertain future of students’ lives caused immense distress to many dedicated teachers about the impact on the learning outcomes of their students.
  • Last but not least the pandemic even impacted their livelihoods due to cash flow crisis for educational institutions caused by low student turnout.

While over the last 24 months many teachers have managed to overcome some of these challenges, teachers are still struggling to create classroom experiences for their students. Dynamind’s world’s first AI-powered platform is an initiative to address several pain points of teachers.

Create Identity and Community Building

Teachers can now use the platform to create their own identity, be visible to the students wherever they are and can invite them to join their community.

Market themselves organically

They can create an organic market for their live courses and attract more students into their community. This is because students can have access not just to their teachers but to all other teachers/mentors once they are invited by a teacher into the portal.

Subject-wise Question banks

They can use our subject-wise question bank designed as per the CBSE syllabus to create practice tests and question papers. Additionally, they can also add customized questions. They can customize the questions into difficulty levels based on the aptitude of students and manage one on one teaching or form cohorts as per aptitude levels.

AI-driven assessments and Evaluation

They can use our AI-driven assessment to evaluate students, identify gaps and suggest improvement areas. Assessments can be sent out in PDF format on WhatsApp and emailed both to students and parents thereby establishing a complete communication loop in the ecosystem.

Monetization of courses

They can now monetize their efforts so that it serves as a much-needed secondary source of income in situations such as pandemics and does not allow livelihoods to be affected by frequent lockdowns.

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