Out to help India’s teachers face manifold challenges: Technology lends a boost

Teaching, as a profession, is instantly recognized and respected in India and across the world. Teaching, on the face of it, appears to be going over the same lessons and concepts with each generation of pupils. In reality, it combines administrative work, training for delivery, and execution in real-time – a complex set of requirements and day-to-day challenges. They call for skills, commitment, and tireless energy. In this blog on education, let’s find out how technology lends a boost to help India’s teachers face manifold challenges.

Bringing teachers into the mainstream – a work in progress

There are 9.7 million teachers, but there’s a deficit of at least 1 million more. The UNESCO report ‘2021 State of the Education Report for India: No Teacher, No Class’ shows how teaching, as a profession, is filled with challenges. For more qualified, motivated people to join this calling, the report identifies several recommendations. Help for teachers to build their careers, more professional autonomy in their work, and support including Information and Communications Technology training are among the top ones that will help bring more teachers in.

To address the problem of what prevents teachers from contributing at their best at its root. The UNESCO report examines how the rural school systems struggle to find teachers. In India, 69% of rural areas are still behind their urban counterparts by eleven lakh vacant posts. Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and West Bengal are among the top states that suffer from vacant teaching positions in schools.  The report finds that 1 lakh schools in India run on the strengths of just ONE teacher. Over 50% of these teachers are women, employed by the government, who have already sampled the digital medium of education due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and consequent uncertainty. The report goes on to say that teachers have shown exemplary, valiant traits during challenging times such as the ongoing pandemic. They are open to engaging with technology and improving the learning experience for pupils.

To Conclude

As the minds shaping the future generation of professionals, teachers are themselves the backbone of India’s forward-looking economic vision. Empowering them to fulfill their roles better is a job for both administrative bodies and society. One of the ways to support them is bringing the boon of innovation within easy reach for teachers. Intuitive start-up businesses in the Education Technology (EdTech) sector emerge with nifty solutions that make organizing courseware, planning lessons, conducting assessments, and clarification sessions a breeze. Here’s help directly at the fingertips for teachers and tutors: Dynamind.

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