Read NCERT books efficiently for entrance exam preparation

Read NCERT Books Efficiently for Entrance Exam Preparation


While reading NCERT textbooks, there are a few things to keep in mind  This is not just about what you study from the book; rather it’s all about how you read while studying from NCERT books. In this blog on education, l et’s talk about how to read NCERT books efficiently for entrance exam preparation in order to absorb topics quickly and simply.  Before knowing how to read NCERT books, Let us first understand why you should utilize NCERT books for entrance exams such as NEET or JEE mains. The NCERT books are the key textbooks used in CBSE’s educational curriculum. These books serve as the foundation for a variety of exams.

The following are some of the advantages of NCERT Books:
  • Easy Words – The terminology utilized in the book is straightforward and easy to comprehend. These books also take a straightforward approach to explaining technical elements of subjects to learners.
  • Concepts that are compelling – NCERT books are excellent for clarifying topics. When such clarified thoughts are supported by good practise, they become more powerful. 
  • Precise Questions – As the enterance exam are based on NCERT textbooks, many of the questions have either been directly derived from NCERT Textbooks or share a standard structure. The NCERT curriculum also has an impact on numeric form of questions.
Let’s look at the finest methods for reading NCERT books efficiently for entrance exams:

Read each line one by one

To begin, keep in mind that reading NCERT books are not the same as reading school textbooks. When studying for the entrance examination, it is critical to read each sentence carefully and get its significance. Such competitive exams pose a series of questions, that are compiled in NCERT books. As a result, it is strongly advised that every sentence be read and absorbed completely.

Furthermore, you must prepare for diagrams because they can directly be asked in the entrance test. As every diagram-based question is from NCERT books, they should be read more attentively. NCERT books also include supplemental materials at the end of the book. This content is educational and informative, and it might also have questions from them.

Make a list of relevant topics to remember

One should make an effort of highlighting noteworthy points or topics as you read. You must ensure that you go over all of the points presented in each section of the NCERT solutions. Do not overlook the drawings in the book, as they will assist you in better comprehending the topics.

It Isn’t Sufficient to Simply Read 

The ideal technique for highlighting points and taking notes is to first read the chapter, then solve chapter-by-chapter problems, double-check your work, and learn significant chapter subjects through chapter-by-chapter weightage. In your second viewing, underline the terms and lines that are the source of the questions on the entrance exam. Make selective notes. This will help you stay focused on the most important notes. 

Read from a teacher’s Point of View

Following that, you should always progress from a lower to a greater level of difficulty, or from easy to harder problems. You must read NCERT books from the standpoint of an educator. This will assist you in becoming more tuned in to the regularity of question makers. In this situation, you can study by putting why, how, what, when, and where in front of any topic you want to learn about. This is a really efficient way to study.

Prepare with Multiple – choice questions from the NCERT

After you’ve finished reading and revising all of the NCERT solutions, you should take a test personally to see how prepared you are. As much as possible, practice the MCQs based on the NCERT books. You’ll need to get your hands on Objective NCERT at Your Fingertips, the most trusted and reliable reference book. The NCERT textbook has MCQs extracted and derived out of every line, sentence, illustration, table, and data. It has entirely solved NCERT MCQs, finishing your NCERT preparation. 

To conclude

These are some helpful hints for getting the most out of your NCERT books reading experience. The way we study and prepare for an entrance exam is really crucial. These pointers would undoubtedly assist you in reading NCERT books effectively. Selecting the correct book can take a long time, so be cautious when doing so. NCERT books are a fantastic source of information for students and the ideal alternative for those studying for entrance exams. However, we must make certain that we read each book thoroughly and efficiently. We hope that these pointers will assist you in better education for reading NCERT books more efficiently and achieving higher exam scores.

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