Connect with your students in real-time through live sessions

Connect with your students in real-time through live sessions

“The students of the future will demand learning support that is appropriate for their situation or context. Nothing more, nothing less. And they want it at the moment the need arises. Not sooner, not later.”

Dr.Marcus Specht 

Online learning technology offers dual pedagogy options for coaching: recorded video sessions and instructor-led live sessions. Teachers are asynchronous with students in a recorded learning model, and therefore, they have minimal control over the learning outcomes. In a live session, teachers and students can imitate a classroom experience to a significant extent, which is a welcome alternative to traditional methods. Live sessions can be created using Dynamind’s platform in just a few minutes. Here is how you, as a teacher, can schedule a live coaching session in just five simple steps, once you have logged in and created a profile as a tutor.

Step 1: Determine the live course topic and pricing

Pick a topic to conduct a live session on and decide on the price you wish to charge each student. You have the option to schedule a completely free session or make it chargeable up to Rs. 5000 per session.

Step 2:  Upload Image and Insert Discovery Tags

Upload an image that is representative of the topic that you have selected for coaching. You can also choose from many of the graphic options that we have created to make this easy for you. Choose discovery tags that will help you reach the right target students for your chosen online learning topic. Likewise, tags help students discover the right course when they search on our platform.

Step 3:  Describe the Content of the Course 

Fill in the details of your course in about 250 words so that when students have identified your course during their search, they get more information about the topics you will be covering in the live coaching session and the learning outcomes that can be expected.

Step 4: Establish a Meeting link

You can create a meeting link on any of the live streaming platforms of your choice, such as Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams, and then upload the link.

Step 5: The final step is course scheduling 

You can work out a live class schedule as you feel appropriate. As a teacher, you may want to complete the live session all in one go. You can also phase it out into multiple sessions, either on the same day or on different days. Likewise, you can choose your desired timing for each of the sessions.

Once you have completed these simple steps, you are all set to host the session at the scheduled time, using the link you created. The course will be available to all students in your community. Besides, students who are not in your community may also discover your course during their search and join the session, and become part of your community.

There are five ways in which teachers can benefit from this feature:

Unlike in a recorded session, teaching and learning are synchronous in live sessions. Teachers can therefore capture the attention of students as they would in face-to-face interactions. Teachers can also schedule a Q and A option whereby they dedicate a part of the live session to questions from students. This is a great opportunity for students to clear their doubts in real-time. It also instills better engagement and participation in students compared to recorded sessions. Also, in a live session, if one student poses a question, others are encouraged to stay attentive and think of answers, thereby creating healthy competition in peer groups.

  • Teachers can take advantage of technological features such as whiteboards and breakout rooms to make the sessions interactive. They can create polls and ask students to vote, or they can even trigger a debate or group discussion by inviting all or some of the students.
  • Assessments are an integral part of education through which teachers gain insights into the learning journeys of students. The platform offers teachers the facility to create assessments, evaluate and remediate doubts, all in real-time. Assessments can also be shared with the parents. This will enable an effective interface between the teacher, student, and parents.
  • Live classes offer an opportunity for teachers to pace out the learning based on the grasping ability of students and their knowledge levels. Live sessions can be customized for cohorts belonging to specific learning abilities or knowledge levels.
  • Finally, impactful learning outcomes are about driving the urge to learn, discover, and become creative. None of this is possible in a recorded session. In a live session, teachers have an opportunity to ignite a spirit of curiosity and take charge of the pace of learning. While students also get an opportunity to learn from peers just as they would in a traditional classroom.
Do explore our live session features and you will realize that no pandemic can ever separate you from your favorite students, regardless of which part of the world they are in.

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