Dynamind’s features on marketing assistance to teachers

Dynamind’s features on marketing assistance to teachers

“Teaching is a very noble profession that shapes the character, caliber, and future of an individual. If people remember me as a good teacher, that will be the biggest honor for me.”

APJ Abdul Kalam 

A brilliant scientist, a capable administrator, and, above all, India’s President, has wished to be remembered as a teacher. This demonstrates the significance of a teacher’s function in society. Teachers have an important role in inspiring young minds to dream, and they subsequently mentor and coach them as they work to turn their dreams into reality. The convergence of Industry 4.0 and the global pandemic has thrown the education ecosystem into disarray by causing a paradigm shift in how education is delivered. With increased Internet proliferation and urbanization rising, the demographic and geographic reach of digitized learning will only increase. At Dynamind, we are committed to making a positive influence on teachers’ lives, not only through technology but also through marketing assistance. We provide them with user-friendly features to sell their services and monetize the valuable efforts they are making for the greater good of mankind.

Five ways in which teachers can benefit from our platform:

Build online profile:

Once teachers create a profile in the simple steps that we have outlined, our SEO-friendly knowledge will help them optimize their online presence using meta tags and keywords. The link to the online profile can be easily shared with their network on all social media platforms and WhatsApp groups.

Community-building support

They can invite students to join the community once they have established an online presence on our platform. Additionally, our platform allows them to be visible to students other than their own while they hunt for instructors. This helps expand the network and monetize live classes and assessments.

Assessments and live courses support

We have built-in discovery tags that will help make assessments and live courses visible to the right target audience when they search for topics that are profiled. We have provided a vast question bank on diverse topics to help create assessments. With our real-time evaluation and feedback feature, unlimited assessments can be created at the click of a button. Teachers can now focus premium time entirely on growing your community.

Collaterals for branding and marketing

  • Our backend team is available to assist with marketing collaterals to advertise teachers’ profiles, evaluations, and live courses that are tailored to be shared with parents and students. This can be picked up from four subscription plans based on the size of the student batch.
  • We create bespoke brochures about teachers’ profiles and teaching methodology, which can be widely distributed by them.
  • Depending on the subscription option, teachers also have access to Dynamind’s Branding Solutions, which includes a large collection of static creatives and customizable video material. The teaching community can post these on all of their social media accounts and WhatsApp groups.

Automated Sales Tracker and Insights 

Our automated sales data tools will offer teachers real-time statistics on the progress of their monthly and annual income streams. This will help them to concentrate on their business without having to worry about the financial side of sales tracking.

So, what holds you back? Sign up now to take advantage of our marketing features, which can help you advertise your profile, tests, and live sessions.

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