Real-time Analysis and Feedback is a unique feature of Dynamind

Real-time Analysis and Feedback is a unique feature of Dynamind

“Feedback is the breakfast of champions”

Ken Blanchard, Management Expert 

Assessments and evaluations are integral parts of a teacher’s role, but the desired impact on learning outcomes is dependent on effective feedback from teachers to students. Quality feedback enlightens students about their performance. Feedback on areas they have performed well will motivate and encourage them. Likewise, feedback on areas where they have not performed well will challenge them to do better.

Online learning has already transformed the educational landscape. It is now imperative for technology to provide features that can help teachers provide quality feedback by overcoming the challenges they face in online tutoring. Let us look at some of the main challenges that teachers face when it comes to providing quality feedback in an online environment:

  • Teachers are already reeling under pressure to complete a syllabus, create assessments, and upskill themselves, and are therefore challenged for time. Under this situation, quality feedback tends to take a back seat.
  • Feedback is not a one-time exercise. The feedback loop should be continuous, personalized, and objective. Only then will feedback translate into learning, but this again is a challenge when teachers are stretched with multiple tasks on hand.
  • Feedback has to be timely in order to deliver meaningful results. For this, teachers would need to be constantly in touch with students and be available to them whenever they need to clear up doubts. Unfortunately, the pandemic has created a divide between teachers and students.
  • Feedback should be empathetic and agile. Sometimes formal, sometimes informal. Sometimes it is subtle and sometimes assertive. The objective is to encourage students and not discourage them. If feedback grading and analysis systems consume enormous amounts of manual work, their softer aspects get ignored.
  • Finally, feedback should be content-specific and broken down into action plans for improvement. There has to be clarity in goal setting and expectations so it aligns well with learning ability and, at the same time, challenges them to stretch their limits.

So, what teachers need is an automated yet reliable feedback system that addresses teachers’ pain points and fulfills all the criteria of an effective feedback system. Dynaminds’ real-time feedback and analysis modules can now be leveraged both by teachers and students to ensure assessments and evaluations translate into meaningful feedback and learning outcomes.

 Five ways teachers can enhance the equality of feedback using Dynamind’s platform:
  • Teachers can use our virtual platform to build a community of students and reach out to their students regardless of which part of the world they are in and nurture relationships through a seamless loop of assessments, evaluations, and feedback. Feedback can be most impactful when there is a sense of bonhomie created between teachers and students. In an atmosphere of trust, students feel comfortable opening up about their weaknesses and seeking help from teachers.
  • Teachers can use our cognitive assessment modules to create assessments in less than 5 minutes using our large question bank. Once the students submit the answers, scores are generated in real-time and are available both to teachers and students. Teachers can use the metrics in the assessments section while students can click on their performance tab to access their scores. The grading system is divided into three categories: weak, average, and strong. Students can also use the performance metrics for self-evaluation and peer benchmarking.
  • The real-time analysis and feedback system also has features to identify areas of improvement, which teachers can use to modify teaching methodologies or suggest ways students can improve their performance. These areas can be broken down into topics. They can also set learning goals and milestones, and evaluate performance on a continuous basis.
  • Our live classes are another excellent feature whereby teachers can customize live courses for a cohort. So, they can create groups based on learning ability and knowledge levels and give personalized feedback.
  • Real-time analysis and feedback are a unique advantage, especially when it comes to preparing for board exams and creating curated content for entrance exams such as NEET and IIT-JEE. Teachers can use subject-wise data banks and multi-level filters to create quick assessments and provide timely feedback all through the preparation phase. They can help students with confidence-building and give them the much-needed moral support to crack the entrance exams.
Login today and try out these features with our free option. You can add up to five students to start with. What are you waiting for?

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