Technological remediations for teachers and students

Technological remediations for teachers and students

EdTech is a portmanteau of "education" and "technology." EdTech is all about using technology to improve three key aspects of the educational landscape.
  • Coaching and mentoring for students on a one-on-one basis
  • Improving learning outcomes
  • Simplify teachers’ digital activities

Technology in education has been around in various forms for more than a couple of decades, but in the aftermath of the pandemic, it has taken on extraordinary importance due to a rapid increase in online classes, both recorded and live. In this blog, we’ll go through some of the features of Dynamind’s platform and illustrate how we’ve used technology to address the three focus areas. For the teachers, our objective has been to automate their activities so that they can focus more on teaching rather than getting hassled by technology-driven challenges. For the students, we have aimed to connect them with the right teachers for the right topics in focused subjects, so they have easy access to knowledge, assessments, and timely feedback.

Five technological remediations for teachers:

Build visibility

There was probably no compelling necessity for instructors to create an internet presence prior to the pandemic. However, the pandemic has shifted the landscape of tutoring, and teachers now have little choice but to rely on online channels to stay in touch with their students. They make themselves visible to students who aren’t already a part of their community by having an internet presence. Our platform allows teachers to establish a strong online presence simply by filling out their profiles, allowing them to be discovered by students all over the world.

Grow your community

Teachers can invite their students to join the community once they have established an online presence on our platform. Additionally, they become visible to students other than their own through live classes and the preparation of assessment papers, while they hunt for instructors for other topics. Teachers will be able to expand their network and monetize their live classes and assessments in this way. They have access to sales data that shows how monthly and annual income streams are progressing.

Create assessments and evaluations

Teachers can create any number of assessments in less than five minutes by following three simple steps. They have the option of using Dynamind’s question bank, creating their own questions, or adopting a hybrid model. The assessments can then be sent to students and also their parents by WhatsApp. Students can take up assessments offline or use the platform to submit their answers.

Realtime analysis and feedback

Once the students take up assessments on our platform, teachers can provide real-time analysis and feedback. The cognitive assessments generate areas of improvement, which teachers can use to modify the teaching modules and give suggestions to enhance learning outcomes.

Organize Live Classes

Teachers and students can be synchronous and recreate a classroom experience with our live session modules. In just five easy steps, they can establish a live session on our platform. They can make sessions very participatory by including technical features such as whiteboards, breakout sessions, online polls, and so on. Teachers can use the live session to ignite a sense of curiosity and enthusiasm to learn in their students. They can also pace learning based on students’ knowledge levels and learning abilities. They can hold sessions for a smaller group of people who have similar learning talents or levels of knowledge. This will allow students to receive personalized attention.

Three technological remediations for students:

Connect with teachers worldwide

Once students log on, they will have access to over 5,000 teachers from a variety of topics. They can use our discovery tags to look up topics they’re interested in and follow any of the teachers on our site or seek to join the teacher’s community. They then have access to assessments and live sessions made by the teacher of their choice, which they can easily add to their cart. Our portal offers a variety of payment gateway alternatives, as well as the ability to pay the teachers directly.

Take assessments and attend live sessions

Students get notified of assessments and live courses scheduled by the teachers they follow. They can buy the assessments or attend live courses of their choice. 

Performance metrics

Students can take assessments both offline and online. Once they take an assessment online, they will receive a real-time evaluation and rating based on whether they are average, strong, or weak after taking examinations online. Our cognitive AI model will also highlight areas for development, allowing students to work on their weaknesses while also discussing feedback in greater depth with the teachers who produced the tests and can seek appropriate help and mentoring. Self-evaluation is aided by real-time feedback and analysis, and they have the option to benchmark themselves against peers.

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