Is the NEET exam tough to clear?

Is the NEET exam tough to clear?


Students are unquestionably concerned about the difficulty of the NEET exam. Roughly, the majority of the students agree that the exam is difficult. A student can, however, pass this exam on the first attempt with the correct preparation advice and coaching. Once a year, the exam is held. As a result of being prepared for the tough and intermediate sections, pupils may be able to enhance their results. In this blog on education, we will discuss is the NEET exam tough to clear or is just a hoax. 

The reasons that make NEET exam tough:

Entrance exams are difficult, but they are also achievable. The student’s intelligence, ideas, comprehending level, concentration, and determination, as well as a pure commitment to the topics, are all factors important to crack the exam. 

Let’s have a look at some of the other fascinating facts listed below:

Subjects in Consideration

NEET focuses on three subject areas: physics, chemistry, and biology. Exam difficulty can be altered based on a student’s ability, how well he or she learns the principles of the three courses, and how much practice he or she has. The majority of the questions are on derivations, chemical equations, numerical problems, and other things that take a lot of time and effort to grasp. Guidance in this area is extremely crucial, but with the correct materials, self-study can also make you a winner. According to the number of candidates, physics has the most challenging questions among the other two. Chemistry and biology are also difficult subjects, but with a lot of practice and a thorough understanding of the concepts, these subjects can be made easier.

There is a lot of participation and there is a lot of comparisons

Every year, a proportional increase in the number of candidates taking the NEET exam occurs. Millions of students register for the NEET exam, making the competition extremely fierce. The enormous numbers, on the other side, should not depress a student because, even in this situation, students pass the exam and get the seats they want. Students frequently take the exam numerous times, which might play a role in assessing its difficulty on a personal level.

Variations in Scores and Overall rankings as a Function of Difficulty

Following are the most crucial aspects of the analysis:

  • The difficulty level of the NEET question paper
  • What level of preparation do the students have for the NEET exam?
  • Finally, the total number of candidates who took the exam.

The NEET exam is one of the most important exams, and lakhs of individuals apply to take it. As a result, the competitiveness is fierce. 

Exam time is cut in half

Time management is difficult, as is preparation for the exam in a few months. Because students take other tests in addition to NEET, balancing all of them can be difficult. However, if a proper schedule is followed, it may be dealt with. Although the time given for the entrance exam may be limited, the exam paper is prepared after the student’s problem-solving and time management abilities are evaluated while adhering to the exam’s standards.

Different Syllabus for other state boards

In respect of the extra addition of topics under the same syllabus, the Neet Exam Syllabus differs from the state board. This can present issues in competitions where even a decimal point can make a difference. The NEET exam, on the other hand, needs a large time commitment due to the fact that it is held immediately after the final board exams. For the students, this is another setback. There are 180 multiple-choice questions in total, with 45 questions in each of the three sections: biology (zoology and botany), physics, and chemistry. The NEET exam has a total score of 720 points and lasts 3 hours. Additionally, CBSE students have an advantage because their subject themes correspond to the curriculum.

Making Last-Minute Preparations

Students taking entrance exams frequently take the syllabus casually at first, work methodically through it, then fall behind and criticize. This behavior should be corrected as soon as possible to avoid failure by enrolling in coaching programs or completing self-study ahead of time. After passing your 10th grade, the 11th-grade syllabus is ideal for preparing for NEET. Apart from your normal academic schedule for the year or for the next year, start preparing as early as 11th grade. You can enroll in subject-specific tutoring or take practice examinations. Every day, spend a few minutes revising at least 1 chapter. Last-minute preparation leads to regrets, rushing, and stress. Avoid delving into exam material too late.

There is insufficient guidance

With all of the points described above, the most vital factor is guidance. For example, without a map and route, one would have no idea where to go or how to get to their goal. Similarly, know what the main purpose of taking the exam is, what the subject field is, and where it will lead you. Make an effort to connect with exam veterans, teachers, and seniors who can assist you. Candidates who are keen to join/get straight entry into Medical, Dental, Ayurveda, or other related disciplines choose the NEET exams.

Inadequate study resources

Confusion is understandable when there are so many good books on the market and so many references. Many students are unsure which novels they should read according to the NTA program. They’re also split on whether or not to use NCERT, expert notes, or other resources. This is a complete waste of time and money. Students must seek out standardized literature and materials. There are a variety of free materials available on the internet, including e-books, YouTube recordings of students who have passed the exam, practice papers, and more.

To Conclude

As a result, surfing the internet is very beneficial. There are numerous e-books, pdfs, and other references available. You can also use the NEET Reference Books to save time and learn more that are most relevant to the exam. In a brighter sense, studying in a suitable framework usually does wonders. Physical, mental, and emotional health must be prioritized. Don’t just leave it on your desk. Invest in your interests as well. So, instead of wasting time debating whether neet will be difficult or easy, concentrate on the genuine goals and unshakeable chances.

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