Detailed evaluation and performance reports

Detailed Evaluation and Performance Reports

Evaluation is an integral part of any activity that is goal-oriented. It is a tool for measuring how well we are doing compared to the goals. It is the primary mechanism for recalibrating needs if the target is not met. It also serves as a benchmark against which we can compare ourselves to other standards or our own previous achievements. In the context of a learning environment, it assumes even more significance given that we are in a highly competitive era and high standards of education can only be achieved through a quality curriculum combined with robust assessments and critical evaluation. Evaluation provides insights into how students perform against expectations. If the performance was good, the positive feedback motivates students to aim higher. If the performance was average or mediocre, the teachers would then identify gaps and areas of weakness to ensure that there was continuous improvement in learning.

Dynamind’s vision is to address the pain point of teachers in delivering quality assessments, evaluations, and continuous feedback. We strongly believe they are critical success factors in achieving high-quality learning outcomes and are committed to providing teachers with the right tools to achieve this. The evaluation and feedback are accessible both by teachers and students. For teachers, the information is available in the Metrics section of the Assessment Section, while students can access it in the Performance Section.

Here is a quick overview of the five most salient features of this online teaching platform.

  • Our cognitive assessment modules can be used to create assessments in less than 5 minutes using our large question bank. Scores are generated immediately.
  • The grading system categorizes performance as weak, average, and strong. Assessments and grades can also be shared with the parents. This will enable an efficient interface between the teacher, student, and parents.
  • The cognitive modules generate areas of improvement, which teachers can use to modify teaching methodologies. Additionally, they suggest ways in which students can improve their performance. They can also establish learning goals that are time-bound and evaluate performance on a continuous basis.
  • Our live classes are another excellent feature whereby teachers can customize live courses for a particular group of students that may warrant more personalized attention.
  • Creating curated content for board exams and entrance exams preparation such as NEET and IIT-JEE is another unique feature. Subject-wise data banks and multi-level filters are available to generate quick assessments. Teachers can use them to offer timely feedback during the preparation phase. 

Evaluation scores and grading are visible to teachers in the metrics section under evaluation. For students, it is available in the performance section. The unique value proposition that Dynamind offers are that the evaluation is continuous, personalized, timely, and objective. 

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