How can School Administrators help teachers Grow in their Careers

How can School Administrators help teachers Grow in their Careers?

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires

Willian Arthur Ward

Teachers are a valuable part of society. After all, they have an essential job to do which is to mold today’s kids into tomorrow’s exemplary citizens, high-achievers, and leaders. Well, teachers also need to keep growing in their careers to do their job well. The best professionals never stop learning. Doctors and other health professionals have to take many continuing education courses every year to keep their licenses. The same applies to teachers. This blog on education talks about how can school administrators help teachers grow in their careers and if you want to save some time in your teaching and make the most of your day, then click on the link below for some tips for teachers.

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Continuing education programs for professional development

Administrators can organize workshops and training courses to help teachers keep their skills and knowledge fresh. It will help them to learn new and better ways to teach students. Continuing education for teachers also keeps teachers encouraged not to quit after a few years. One study stated that 33% of new teachers quit after five years. Administrators should organize training programs that will ensure the teachers stay updated on topics such as:

  • Best practices in terms of pedagogy 
  • Latest developments on the subject matter and curriculum 
  • Industry trends and skill development programs

Technology aids to make learning more impactful 

Technology helps all professionals do their jobs better and this is true also of teachers. For example, teachers can use zoom and other technologies to hold virtual classrooms. They can use certain aides to help students learn faster and comprehend subjects better. A good example would be a teacher using a computer program to illustrate the effects of the Battle of Hastings on the world’s destiny. Students would learn how the slaying of British Witan Harald Hardrada helped pave the way for William Duke of Normandy to claim the English throne. Students would also learn how this helped make England a superpower in subsequent centuries.

Peer networking

Teachers need peer support to develop. Peer networking can provide valuable pointers regarding the best ways to teach at-risk students. Just like a plant needs to be tended to and nurtured to grow flowers, teachers need support to develop. The best way to develop teachers is to offer them networking opportunities through workshops, seminars, and peer group networking so there is a healthy exchange on the latest trends and best practices. 

Personal growth

Besides professional growth, teachers also need to be made self-aware that personal growth is lifelong, in order to stay relevant and continue to be good at their profession. Teachers have to keep improving themselves on various soft skills such as

  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Empathy 
  • Listening skills
  • Mentoring skills

Handling special situations that require a personalized approach

Many a time teachers encounter unusual situations in their profession that they may not have predicated such as:  

  • Lack of concentration and low memory recall
  • Lack of motivation in learning
  • Emotionally sensitive students
  • Teenage challenges
  • Peer pressure

Situations like these would warrant teachers to first analyze the reason for the struggles of the students. Accordingly, they should adopt creative and innovative ways of teaching so that they inculcate a love of learning and are not left behind by their peers. 

To Conclude

In conclusion, I would say, teachers are an integral part of the education ecosystem that is dynamic and they have a huge responsibility to shape students both personally and professionally. That makes it imperative for administrators to ensure that mediocrity is never an option and that excellence becomes a way of life. Dynamind’s online teaching platform has been designed to give ample opportunities for teachers to apply learnings in diverse ways that can enhance learning outcomes for their students. Dynamind provides free ready-to-use practice papers to every teacher so that they can share them with their students. There are many more things that a teacher can do on Dynamind in order to grow in their career. All you need to do is register on Dynamind for free and start your growth journey today.

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