Different ways and techniques you can use to improve your JEE/NEET

Different Ways and Techniques You Can Use to Improve Your JEE/NEET

The IITs and the NEETs are more than just Jawaharlal Nehru’s brainchild in terms of his vision for higher education for India. These esteemed institutions are a dream for many parents and students alike and a gateway to a prosperous career.  There’s one catch, though. There is more chance of being hit by lightning than getting admission into one or more of these institutions not just because of complexity but also competition due to limited seats. The negative marking makes it more challenging. Therefore, the intensity of preparation needed to crack this examination should not be underestimated by the students aspiring to crack the IIT-JEE and NEET examinations. So, in this best education blog, let’s discuss different ways and techniques you can use to improve your JEE/NEET performance and ensure your seat in your dream college.

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Here are some tips to help you ace the JEE and NEET 

Master the Syllabus 

The IIT JEE is divided into two sections. Both the mains and advanced exams require you to write papers on the subject areas of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Several topics fall under the syllabus for both of these examinations. There are some topics common to both and some unique. A good understanding of the syllabus will set the stage for a productive preparatory journey. NEET syllabus has three main subjects, namely, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, and covers topics from Classes 11 and 12.

Systematic study plan

A systematic study plan to understand the concept will help confidence-building in the preparation for the JEE and NEET examinations. The study plan should be devised by you in a way that quantifies clear-cut objectives to be accomplished in a day, week, and month. While being disciplined and methodical in preparing for the exam, you should also discover and develop your own unique study methodologies to understand concepts thoroughly. Some of you may get the concept in just one reading, whereas some may have to take multiple readings to understand them completely. At the end of the day what matters is the ability to solve problems and answer the conceptual questions.

Avoid rote learning. Think conceptual 

IIT-JEE and NEET exams test the ability to apply the concepts and solve problems. It is about conceptual learning and not rote learning. Once the concept is well understood, you will be able to apply the concept to any problem that requires the application of that concept. Therefore, the learning should be solid and foundational. You will need to study regularly for approximately at least 1-2 hours every day for a few months to have complete mastery of the concepts and topics covered. 

Read-only 1 or 2 Reference Books

Studying from different reference books will be confusing. Therefore, restrict studying to one or two reputed reference books. I would also suggest the NCERT publications written by experts who have a deep knowledge of the concerned subjects, so you cannot go wrong with this choice.

Make notes, and ask when in doubt

Make notes while studying. Doing so will allow you to have complete mastery over the concepts being covered. You can then ask your teachers or other experts on the covered subjects if you have any doubts. This can also be done online.

Practice Makes pacing perfect

No student will have an intimate understanding of the structure and nature of the JEE without taking practice exams. You will learn how to pace yourself by taking practice tests. You will also learn the fundamental nature of the exam and the secrets to acing it by taking many practice exams. Going through the previous year’s question papers and mock question papers on online platforms will help you frame an idea about the entire system of JEE and NEET exams and prepare you for the journey. When you do more and more mock papers, you get a glimpse of the upcoming exam pattern. Not just that. When you clear the previous year’s question papers, you will find out about your strengths and weaknesses regarding the concept. You can self-evaluate and identify improvement areas and then seek expert help in those areas.

Physical and mental well being 

Well-being is extremely important to be productive during the time you allot for the preparations. Do not sacrifice time meant for a good sleep, nutritious food, and some relaxation. You need to remain physically and mentally fit so a fitness regime is also equally important. A calm mind helps to keep the body fit. You will then be able to focus adequately and be productive in your preparation.

Attitude and Mindset

The right attitude and mindset will differentiate the successful aspirants from the crowd. A high level of commitment and perseverance to achieve the dream no matter what it takes, a strong sense of self-belief, and a conviction that success will follow from sincere and focused efforts are key positive traits to build. Stay resilient to temporary phases of low confidence levels and fear of failure and bounce back with self-motivation to accomplish the bigger goal which is the dream destination called the IIT and NEET! Dare to dream and have the courage to pursue it.

Strictly avoid cherry-picking

The performance in a particular subject which you may dislike is as important as any other in the syllabus for the overall results. There is no escape route here and there is no option to cherry-pick. You should find a way to enjoy this challenge by immersing yourself in the learning experience. One trick would be to allocate the best part of the day to the not-so-favorite subject so the learning becomes easier and less stressful. Then the other subjects are well-taken care at ease with a sense of relief at other times.

Find the right mentor 

A mentor can play a key role in honing the aptitude of the student in the direction that assures success. Mentors add priceless value to the success of the students. Someone who has been there and done is a great choice to handhold aspiring students through their successful journey. 

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So, what are you waiting for?

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