How to choose the best online education platform for your school?

As the world becomes increasingly digital, online education has become a popular way for schools to deliver high-quality educational content to their mentees. However, with so many online teaching platforms in India available, it can be difficult to choose the best one for your school’s needs. In this article, we will discuss some key factors to consider when selecting an online education platform for your school.

Consider the Needs of Your School

Before choosing an online education platform, it’s important to assess the needs of your school. What are your goals for online education and on what basis you are looking to transform your school into a digital one. To better understand the needs of the school, let’s focus on the below points. 

  1. Pre-made Content and Videos – A platform must be chosen on the basis of the quality and usefulness of the pre-made content and recorded lectures provided to the mentees. This pre-made content will be an additional support to every mentee using the product in the school. 
  1. Question Bank – Mentors often struggle to prepare questions for everyday practice for their mentees. Here, if the platform is providing a strong question bank for every class varying with different topics and subjects then the platform can be of high use for each mentor and their school. This could save a significant amount of time for the mentors and also empower each mentee to practice various types of questions every day to strengthen their grip over every topic. 
  1. Ability to Conduct Online Classes in Pandemic Situations – As we have seen in the past 3 years where pandemic situations like Covid19 have completely paralyzed the schools with their functioning. Arranging online classes and most importantly every school struggled to teach their mentees on how to take online classes. So, if an online education platform is easy to use and allows to conduct online classes for every class, then a school can be run without getting interrupted in pandemic and lockdown situations. 
  1. A Platform that creates Mentor-Mentee-Parents Community – Connecting mentors with the mentees and their parents is a key concern. Most of the schools try hard by conducting parent-teacher meetings once in a month or a week. Yet, these meetings end up ineffective and as a formality due to the irregularities and limitation of time. Schools need a platform where they don’t need to conduct these sessions and even remain connected with the mentors, mentees, and their parents automatically. An online platform that keeps the mentors and mentees connected on each step and shares the report instantly with the parents then a better community can be created and contributes to the learning of a child. 
  1. A Platform that Increases your Business and Revenue – With the rapidly rising competition in the education sector, increasing more admissions and revenue is getting difficult. Every school is trying to prove themselves as the best in order to get a larger number of admissions every year. The best online education platform can make the learning process easy for every mentee and this can be a game changer for every school when it comes to increasing their business growth. 
  1. Competing with the Bigger and Branded Schools – Creating a great rapport among the existing branded schools seems impossible for every medium or small-level school. However, with the help of technology and Artificial Intelligence, this dream can be achieved. Transforming the school with technology and helping every mentee with automated tools can bring a vital change in their performance. If the school is producing great results every year then consider it a free and strong marketing which will help you to get your school recognized among the top schools in the city. 

Evaluate the Platform’s User Interface and User Experience

The user interface and user experience are important factors to consider when choosing an online education platform. The platform should be easy to navigate and use, with intuitive controls and clear instructions. It should also be responsive and accessible across a range of devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. This will ensure that mentees can access and use the platform effectively, regardless of their location or device.

Look for Customization and Personalization Options

The ability to customize and personalize the online education platform can be a valuable feature for schools. Look for a platform that allows you to create custom branding and messaging so that mentees feel like they are using a platform that is specific to your school. Additionally, a platform that offers personalized learning experiences, such as adaptive assessments and individualized feedback, can help mentees stay engaged and motivated.

Consider the Quality of the Content

The quality of the content offered by the online education platform is another key factor to consider. Look for a platform that offers high-quality, up-to-date content that aligns with the curriculum of your board. The online platform should facilitate every mentee with a wide range of question banks from each topic and subject with a proper filtration system. Content modules like recorded lectures, lecture notes and revision notes should be compatible with the curriculum of your board syllabus. High-quality content should always help the mentees rather than confusing them. 

Assess the Platform’s Support and Training Options

Finally, it’s important to assess the support and training options offered by the online education platform. Look for a platform that offers comprehensive documentation and training materials, as well as responsive customer support. Additionally, the platform should offer robust reporting and analytics features, so that you can track mentee progress and identify areas for improvement.

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Some of the minor but important factors to consider before selecting an online education platform

Learning Management System (LMS) features: Look for an online platform with a robust LMS that can handle all aspects of online learning, such as hosting course content, managing assessments, facilitating mentee-mentor communication, and tracking mentee progress.

Security and privacy: Ensure that the platform is secure, and that mentee data is kept private and confidential. Security has always remained a key concern when it comes to maintaining mentee data and so shall be considered before selecting any online education platform.

Cost: Consider the cost of the platform, including any subscription fees, setup costs, and ongoing maintenance expenses. The cost of the online platform will not just affect the school authorities but it has a direct effect on the parents. If the online platform is cost-effective and affordable for every parent then this could turn out as the best online education platform in India

Integrations: If your school uses other software for tasks such as scheduling, attendance, or grading, look for a platform that can integrate with these other systems.

User feedback: Read reviews from other schools that have used the platform to gauge the overall user experience and support quality. Reading the feedback will help in finalizing the right online platform for learning

FAQs on How to choose the best online education platform for your school?

Dynamind is a unique and vital online education platform available on the internet space. It allows every school to customise the platform as per their needs and requirements. The web version and the mobile app is easy to use for every mentor and mentee as well as by the parents. Features like performance analysis, instant feedback and remedial actions are helping a number of mentees across the country to improve their learning skills and performance. 

Yes, online school is legal in India as the government recognizes each child’s “Right to Education” act. The Indian Judicial System sets homeschooling and online schools free from violating any section or provision under the RTE 2009, hence, online school is legal in India. 

 Pandemic situations in the past three years have rang the alarm for all the schools. Most of the schools failed to conduct classes and ended up with an unproductive session. Hence, to improve classroom learning, raising the mentoring skills, and facing unprecedented challenges in the times of pandemic situations, an offline school system should be integrated with an online education system.

In conclusion, choosing the best online education platform for your school requires careful consideration of your school’s unique needs, as well as the quality of the platform’s user interface, content, customization options, and support and training. By evaluating these factors, you can find a platform that meets the needs of your school and helps your mentees achieve their educational goals.

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