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Guide for Competitive Exams (List of Exams)

Introduction Throughout their academic careers, students are subjected to a slew of competitive exams. Much of it is therefore followed after their 12th-grade or graduation. At this point in their lives, These candidates are the most ambitious candidates in the country and are under immense pressure. So, What should they do after 12th grade, and …

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Famous teachers in India & around the world

Introduction Schools are among the first places where children’s behavior and future academic success are formed. The first years of school are critical because children learn the foundation of their educational life. A teacher bears a great deal of responsibility in his or her classroom. One reason is that all of the students rely on …

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National Education Policy (NEP) – 2020

Introduction India has evolved into an “information-dense society” during the last decade, and there is an increasing need to incorporate technology in education. “Extensive use of technology in teaching and learning, removing linguistic barriers, expanding access, as well as education planning and management,” according to the Policy, will be among the core concepts guiding the …

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